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It seems like The Tudors’ set would be a serious one. Is it?

Not at all! Not when Jonathan Rhys Meyers is around. It’s quite the opposite. I would say probably one of the most mischievous sets you could hope to be on. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is a great morale booster and he’s always keeping the energy up. And James Frain and Jeremy Northam and Padraic Delaney’you put a lot of boys together and it’s like a playground. Poor Maria Doyle Kennedy and I are trying to influence some sisterhood and decorum into the situation. Plus, Nick Dunning, the man who plays my father, I have to say is the wickedest thing for telling jokes. He has me in hysterics.

  • Natalie Dormer

Hahahaha @Nick_Dunning ;) XD ROFL….*Underlines wickedest* ;p Xx

This was from a while ago…but I liked it so I decided to post it…

On What He Wants for His Son

“Yesterday I’d made an appointment at 4 o’clock for Indio to get a haircut. He doesn’t want to do it. I know he doesn’t like sitting in a chair for 45 minutes having his hair cut, but he’s going to do it. Why does it matter? Because there’s a lesson in delayed gratification that needs to be instituted here, and I’m the guy for the job. We’ve got an appointment and we’re going to goddamn keep it.”

"It is not about how Indio feels or what he wants to do. It is that he is going to be glad he did it, even though he can’t see that right now. I can see what he cannot see."

"What I want for my son is for him to be honest and happy."

Robert Downey Jr.
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